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Stig Hetlevik Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Hetlevik is the founder and CEO of Flopetrol Well Barrier AS. He has been working in the oil and gas-industry since 1980. His experience includes 20 years of fieldwork in Drilling and Well operations on/offshore within the service industry (Flopetrol Schlumberger), for Operating companies (Norsk Hydro, Saga Petroleum, BP, ExxonMobil, Statoil), and for Norwegian Authorities (NPD/PSA) as a principal engineer within Drilling, well operations and well integrity. He has been a Chairman, and later a member of NORSOK Expert Group Drilling (EGD) from 1999, which is still ongoing. His experience includes over 19 years in project and management positions, including VP Operations in Prosafe Offshore Drilling, Co-Founder and VP Operations/Projects Offshore Rig Services ( Drilling Contractor) for Design and construction of 3 midwater semi’s. He previously had the position as Director Marine Operations in Eastern Hemisphere for FMC Technologies, with all operations relevant to subsea systems.

Email: stig.hetlevik(a)

Phone: +47 905 90 967

Kjell Erik Drevdal Business Development Officer

Kjell Erik Drevdal

Mr. Drevdal holds a Petroleum engineering degree from University of Stavanger and has more than 35 years of experience from the oil industry, related to drilling and well technology and operations: On-/offshore drilling engineering/supervisor positions with several major E&P co’s. Managerial positions with drilling contractor, equipment manufacturer, technology development company and technology/service provider.

E-mail: kjell.erik.drevdal(a)

Phone: +47 916 43 552

Vidar Rygg Chief Technology Officer

Vidar Rygg

Mr. Rygg holds an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU, Trondheim and has worked in the Oil Service industry since 1994. He started his career as a Wireline Field Engineer in with broad field experience from land, offshore and ultra-deep water districts in Africa, Europe and Latin America. After leaving the field he became the Operations Manager for Baker Atlas in Brazil, and later a Sr. Application Advisor at Baker Atlas main office in Houston TX, before returning to Norway in 2006.

He started with Sandaband Well Plugging as a Project Manager in 2008 and now holds the position of CTO at FloPetrol Well Barrier when the former company was acquired in 2016.


Email: vidar.rygg(a) 

Phone: +47 452 08 100

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About FloPetrol

FloPetrol Well Barrier (WB) is a group of experienced and competent specialists that have seen the great value of the smart technology that has been developed by SandAband AS.

We provide Well Integrity ABC:

  • SandAband for P&A
  • SandBlock for LCM
  • SandConstruct™ for BBC

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Global Drilling Manager

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Based on my previous experience with (a former employer) the use of QuartzPack™  to temporarily abandon an uncased reservoir section, in a HPHT well (SandAband application), I am convinced that this material is fully qualified as a permanent gas-tight sealing barrier element.