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Whether it is to solve an immediate problem, overcome a challenge or to simply contribute with a safer, cheaper, better, greener and faster solution, we are perfectly positioned to assist our customers in improving their operations.  Below is a list of successful cases where the customers challenge were solved with great success. Customer statements and contacts can be provided upon request.


  1. Norwegian North-Sea Operator #1
  2. North-Sea Operator
  3. Undisclosed Independent
  4. Norwegian North-Sea Operator #2
  5. Norwegian North-Sea Operator #3

Norwegian North-Sea Operator #1

  • Well was plugged with 22m3 SandAband® in 2007
  • Bull-headed down tubing and stopped as expected in perforated interval
  • SandAband fills the reservoir and production tubing to 1800m RKB
  • Time from equipment arrival on platform until demobilising: 2 days
  • The well was left suspended to side-track after 1 ½ year observation period

The upper part of the SandAband plug was successfully circulated out in 2009 and the well subsequently side-tracked.

North-Sea Operator

  • Ran Lower completion with Glass plug 20ft PBR and pressure test
  • Ran 4 ½” x 7”x 7 5/8” scab liner
  • Positioned seal stem above PBR and prepared for pumping SandAband®
  • Pumped and displaced SandAband®
  • Stung into PBR and expanded Hanger

Undisclosed Independent

  • Platform access, UK sector, North Sea
  • Created flow path down parted tubing to reservoir (Not sealing)
  • Bull-headed well fluids into reservoir to kill well
  • Total volume ~20 m3 of SandAband pumped
  • Reservoir pressure controlled by SandAband® and brine
  • Well was ready for removal of X-mas tree and installation of BOP

Norwegian North-Sea Operator #2

  • Reservoir conditions: 915 bar, 175° C
  • Suspension: Temporarily suspended with SandAband® (Jan. 2004) to wait for completion equipment. SandAband® placed in the reservoir section from 4917 to 5150 mMD in 35° deviation.
  • Removal: SandAband® was completely removed (Feb. 2006) with open ended drill pipe, by washing out under controlled sink rate. Saved several rig days due to no need for milling operations.
  • No reservoir damage: The well was completed successfully. Best producer in the Field.

Norwegian North-Sea Operator #3

Main bore plugged and abandoned with SandAband® from TD to above reservoir

  • Well drilled to TD and evaluated
  • 5” DP RIH, Tagged Bottom, p/u 1 m
  • Pumped 30,5 m³ SandAband® (300 m)
  • Dressed off top to verify position
  • Continued as per program

The pumping/displacing of SandAband® was completed in 1.5 hrs.

Vidar Rygg Chief Technology Officer

Vidar Rygg

Mr. Rygg holds an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU, Trondheim and has worked in the Oil Service industry since 1994. He started his career as a Wireline Field Engineer in with broad field experience from land, offshore and ultra-deep water districts in Africa, Europe and Latin America. After leaving the field he became the Operations Manager for Baker Atlas in Brazil, and later a Sr. Application Advisor at Baker Atlas main office in Houston TX, before returning to Norway in 2006.

He started with Sandaband Well Plugging as a Project Manager in 2008 and now holds the position of CTO at FloPetrol Well Barrier when the former company was acquired in 2016.


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