Why use QuartzPack?

Around 100.000+ wells worldwide are leaking oil, gas, or both, into the atmosphere and the sea, along with contaminating under-ground fresh water aquifers.

  • A more sustainable, safe and cost efficient placement of gas tight barriers in wells for temporary and/or permanent purposes are needed and pushed by the industry and authorities.
  • Today's method of utilizing cement has proven insufficient over time and impose huge
    problems and costly operations in the effort of solving the problems with leaking wells.
  • A vast number of old wells worldwide needs safe and lasting permanent abandonment.
  • Contamination of under-ground fresh water aquifers is of international growing concern and is getting increased attention.
  • Rising public protest campaigns are a threat to the industry. 

Learn about the science behind the solution: Permanent Abandonment of a North Sea Well Using Unconsolidated Well-Plugging Material

Or watch this product video, showing how QuartzPack works: 

Kjell Erik Drevdal Business Development Officer

Kjell Erik Drevdal

Mr. Drevdal holds a Petroleum engineering degree from University of Stavanger and has more than 35 years of experience from the oil industry, related to drilling and well technology and operations: On-/offshore drilling engineering/supervisor positions with several major E&P co’s. Managerial positions with drilling contractor, equipment manufacturer, technology development company and technology/service provider.

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