Is this the time to P&A?

Mar 24, 2020 9:32:24 AM Kjell Erik Drevdal Customer stories

Is this the time to P&A?There is a saying in the industry; “When the times are good, P&A can wait, and when the times are bad, P&A must wait.” Could we change this behaviour and keep the industry occupied with useful work?

Opportunities in challenging times

There are thousands and thousands of wells out there which need to be repaired, suspended or plugged, and unfortunately the backlog has increased every year. Many of these interventions can be done rig-less, cheap, fast and safe.

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So, what has this got to do with our world facing a pandemic of historic proportions? Apart from the severity and the fact that almost all branches of business are suffering this time, our industry has been through many downturns before. People will be let off, and many will choose not to come back when the tides turn, putting a lot of strain on the remaining staff.

Operators are now faced with the challenge of keeping their permanent staff busy creating value in a market with unsustainable prices. They also depend on service providers being able to stay in business and retain an adequately skilled work force and operational capacity in the future.

A robust and reliable solution

Our ambition at Flopetrol Well Barrier is to offer a more robust and reliable well barrier than what has been available for the last 150 years.

Our unique QuartzPack™ solution is not only both simple and extremely robust; but simply by laws of nature, it will repair itself when necessary, in any distant future; on its own, free of charge and with nearly no interventions.

Simple Physics beats Complex Chemistry in a hostile downhole environment.

How can we move forward?

If rigs are stacked and drilling operations postponed, maybe this is the time to assign idle staff to work with the contractors in solving some of the current challenges. Now could be a good time to get overdue mandated well repairs/P&As out of the books, to meet your obligations and be positioned for the next up cycle.

We have supplies of QuartzPack available in Europe, The Middle East, USA and Australia, where we have excellent partners, very able and willing to assist with your critical well integrity work.

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Quartzpack solution for Barrier behind casing for wells, Lost circulation material, plug and abandonment in the oil and gas industry



Kjell Erik Drevdal

Written by Kjell Erik Drevdal

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Mr. Drevdal holds a Petroleum engineering degree from University of Stavanger and has more than 35 years of experience from the oil industry, related to drilling and well technology and operations: On-/offshore drilling engineering/supervisor positions with several major E&P co’s. Managerial positions with drilling contractor, equipment manufacturer, technology development company and technology/service provider.

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Quartzpack solution for Barrier behind casing for wells, Lost circulation material