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Work with nature, don't fight against it

Have you ever...
- spent expensive rig time, waiting on cement to set up?
- spent expensive rig time, milling out temporary plugs?
- had losses while cementing?
- had losses during drilling?
- needed to secure a well, for a couple of days to nipple up a BOP? 
- needed to secure a well, for a couple of years, waiting for a rig?
- shut in a well due to SCP/SAP?
- shut in a well due to loss of barriers?
- repaired a well due to leakages to surface?
- repaired a well due to contamination of freshwater aquifers?

This is how QuartzPack works

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Unrivaled features compared to traditional well barriers


Main Benefits

Main benefits of using natural well barriers

Gas Tight

QuartzPack™ consist of high quality quartz particles distributed in an ideal size spread from 2,5 mm to nano size. In this ideal mix, smaller particles fill the void between the larger particles. This prevents gas and/or oil from migrating through a vertical column of QuartzPack™ and hence creating a gas-tight seal.

No Shrinkage/Micro Annulus

Unlike most other artificial materials developed to act as sealing materials in oil and gas wells, QuartzPack™ does not shrink. Hence it will not create micro channels along steel pipes or against the formation (any lithology), where gas under pressure can easily escape if such micro-channels has developed.

Environmentally Friendly

QuartzPack™ is an environmentally friendly zonal isolation material consisting of the natures own substance, quartz, the most thermo-dynamically stable material readily abundant in nature. QuartzPack™  is manufactured with no emission and hence reducing 1 ton of CO2 emission for each 1 ton of cement replaced.  

Eternal Hydraulic Head

QuartzPack™ weight is 2.15 SG (17,9 ppg) and consist of approx. 70% quartz particles and 30% water by volume. This ratio will stay for eternity and hence provide a hydrostatic head which can be designed to maintain hydrostatic pressure overbalance to any zones in the underground, given the wells vertical depth provide enough height for this.


Due to QuartzPack™ eternal Bingham Plastic behaviour, the mix will fluidize if affected by mechanical stress in the well or by geotectonic movements in the underground. As soon as the surroundings have come to a rest, QuartzPack™ will come to rest, reconfigured according to changes in geometrics in the underground.

No Fractures

QuartzPack™ will never cure to a solid state. It will behave like a Bingham Plastic material, unlike materials that cure and hardens. Materials that hardens usually has a high compressive strength and can be used as anchoring. 

Easy to Pump & Replace

QuartzPack™ behaves as a Bingham Plastic type of material, ie. It acts like a fluid when pumped and yields up when resting. This effect is reversible, which makes QuartzPack™ a unique and flexible material in combination with all other beneficial parameters it provides. It is therefore easy to place and remove when/if necessary. Can be pumped with existing infrastructure on a drilling rig.

Unbeatable LCM efficiency

Lost circulation during drilling/well operations is a well-known global problem. Sever losses during drilling can become a costly, scary and serious problem. QuartzPack™, with its distribution of different size quartz particles, will instantly build a bridge when hitting the loss zone and form an impermeable filter stopping losses. The higher the differential pressure, the harder the quartz particles are squeezed into a fracture, the more efficient is the stop-loss effect.

Non-Degradable / Chemically Inert

QuartzPack™ consist of high quality quartz particles that are chemically inert against all gasses like CO2, H2S, etc. and most chemicals, which prevent it from degrading over time. QuartzPack™ will not react with any installations in the well or destabilize any mud systems. 

Very Cost Efficient

The price of the QuartzPack™ material is by m3 competitive with any alternatives. The largest cost savings however, comes with pumping and placing the material in the well as there is no need to halt the operation to wait for the material to cure.
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5-step Project Delivery process

  • Well status, a basic well sketch and survey data (MD vs. TVD)
  • Relevant casing points, packers and tubulars
  • Pressure information, WHP/BHP, PBU rate
  • Any other relevant information you may share

We then perform a feasibility study and present our findings in a timely manner.

  • Pressure control calculations and barrier details
  • Pumping pressure simulations
  • Volume calculations
  • Logistics, deck layouts and operational set-up recommendations
  • Budgetary prices
  • Delivery terms and timelines

If our proposal matches your needs and budget, we like to meet with you to settle details and agree on terms and conditions for a delivery.

A site visit at an early stage is highly recommended to familiarise ourselves with the infrastructure and collaboration and synergy with your equipment and other service providers.

  • Develop a detailed delivery plan and engineering calculations
  • Provide a detailed list of equipment and operations recommendations
  • Prepare manufacturing plant
  • Produce the required volume of QuartzPack™ and fill containers for shipment
  • Mobilize equipment and product to location

As necessary we can assist in receipt and QA/QC of equipment and product at port of entry.

Necessary personnel arrive at the well-site to supervise the preparation of the spread, line up of piping and equipment, as required.

We will be present with our field supervisors for assistance and supervision and/or operating the equipment as needed.

Upon completion of the work we advise on verification and monitoring and finalise the End of Job report, present any lessons learned and assist in demobilising the equipment.

5-step Project Delivery model for Well barriers
If you find our applications interesting, please contact us.
We aim to respond immediately if you can provide a short description of the objective.


Based on my previous experience with (a former employer) the use of QuartzPack™  to temporarily abandon an uncased reservoir section, in a HPHT well (SandAband application), I am convinced that this material is fully qualified as a permanent gas-tight sealing barrier element.

After two years, the QuartzPack™ in the reservoir section was easily circulated out with open-end drill pipe with no sign of accumulated gas or pressure build up. This saved us about a week of expensive rig operations and reduced (removed) the risk of accidentally side tracking compared to utilizing traditional methods

Dag Breivik
Drilling Manager